Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My endo and cyst journey!


Dear all readers, if any,

Im at the hospital rite now. Will be having my laparoscopy ops today for cystectomy kiv proceed & tubal potency test. Do pray for me. Jasa baik anda semua hanya Allah je y mampu membalasnya..

Hospital food. Teatime.

Sob sob

Tab midazolam last nite. Traquilizer pill kte dr..

Alone *lastnite

This bby girl came to me this morning and she couldnt stop staring at me. She even ignored her mummy even when her mom calling for her. #comel ;)

Sob byk kali :'(( nurse pasang drip laju and it end up like this #sakit

Waiting alone. Again. Hubby kne tgu kt lua..

Till then,

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mama munif said...

sbar ye awak...mama doakan smuanya bejlan lancar..

afrah hana said...

InsyaAllah. Terima kasih #mamamunif :')

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