Friday, 21 December 2012

True love

TRUE LOVE ..(A Doctor's note) Must Read n share..

It was approximately 8.30 a.m. on a busy morning when an elderly gentleman in his eighties arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb.

He stated that he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9.00 a.m. I took his vital signs and had him take a seat. I knew it would take more than an hour before someone would to able to attend to him. I saw him check his watch anxiously for the time and decided to evaluate his wound since I was not busy with another patient.

On examination, the wound was well healed.

Hence, I talked to one of the doctors to get the supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound. We began to engage in a conversation while I was taking care of his wound.
I asked him if he had another doctor's appointment later as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman told me no and said that he needed to go to the nursing home to have breakfast with his wife. I inquired about her health. He told me that she had been in the nursing home for a while as she was a victim of Alzheimer's disease. I probed further and asked if she would be upset if he was slightly late.

He replied that she no longer knew who he was and she had not been able to recognize him since five years ago.

I asked him in surprise, "And you still go every morning, even though she doesn't know who you are?"

He smiled as he patted my hand and said, "She doesn't know me, but I still know who she is." I had to hold back my tears as he left.

I had goose bumps on my arm, and I thought, "That is the kind of love I want in my life."

True love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.

*nothing special. i just love the article as it is.. -afrah hana

Till then,
Luv ♥‿♥
I'll update on my laparoscopy ops insyaAllah on my next entry. Still in recovery but feeling much better now #alhamdulillah. Thanks for all the dua's :')

Da discharge da ptg smlm. Yeayy :)

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My endo and cyst journey!


Dear all readers, if any,

Im at the hospital rite now. Will be having my laparoscopy ops today for cystectomy kiv proceed & tubal potency test. Do pray for me. Jasa baik anda semua hanya Allah je y mampu membalasnya..

Hospital food. Teatime.

Sob sob

Tab midazolam last nite. Traquilizer pill kte dr..

Alone *lastnite

This bby girl came to me this morning and she couldnt stop staring at me. She even ignored her mummy even when her mom calling for her. #comel ;)

Sob byk kali :'(( nurse pasang drip laju and it end up like this #sakit

Waiting alone. Again. Hubby kne tgu kt lua..

Till then,

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Tomorrow i will be warded. My endo and cyst journey


This is going to be a short entry as i dont feel like writing too much today.

And yes, the lap ops is nearer. On thursday to be exact! Aku tak diberi explanation sgt. Jadi agak gundah. Esok kne warded. Cek2 bagai agaknye. Puasa. Then thursday baru akan buat laparoscopy tu. InsyaAllah aku harap sgt cyst aku tak complicated dan tak perlu buat incision ke ape.. Mcmmne pn, mesti ade jgk sket rase nervous tu walau sekuat mne pun aku.. Kalau boleh aku tanak susahkan org disekeliling..


(Ya Allah.., permudahkanlah urusan kami suami isteri..)

Till then,
Oh, diri sendiri. Sila bertabah. InsyaAllah, Allah sentiasa bersama hamba-hambanya y sabar.. #sob
Luv, xoxo

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

How to convert 1 cup to grams! In the making of red velvet cake :)

Assalammualaikum ;)

Hari ni rase macam nak buat red velvet cake for my dearest lil sis

----> here here kasi beliau glamer sket

Ha ckp, taley kasi adeq lagi glamer dari tuan punya blog.. ^__^  so since yesterday was her birthday dan hari neh nak ke shah alam. Ley bagi birthday cake yang akan dibuat neh skali. yeay! ;)) tapi cam nak try resepi lain. Before this mmg penah ade buat red velvet cake dan cupcake.. Cuma nak beralih angin ngan resepi lain plak >__< resepi kali neh gne gram (-__-) Ade penimbang kat rumah. Tapi malas nye nak bukak dari dalam almari tu.. O.o da gne kena basuh kan? U.u (pemalas gle aku neh oOo).. (Ok ini bukan masalah besar) Ade tenet everything pon ley google aite?

So sape nak taw cane nak convert cawan ke gram angkat tgn! :)))


Hai apa khabar? Sihat

Salam dan morning semua puan2......

Baiklah puan2.... mari kita belajar matematik sikit hari ni... tak payah guna calculator..... I dah guna sempoa ni.. Ramai pulak "peminat" yg menghantar email kat I lately......dan...

Ini dia jawapannya setelah I mirror mirror on the wall

1 oz = 30 gm

4 oz / 1 1/4 paun = 120 gm

8 oz / 1/2 paun = 240 gm

atau puan2... kalau kurang percaya dgn matematik I, puan boleh guna mesin convert(klik sini) ni....

Jika nak tahu 1 cawan bersamaan berapa grampula...
tepung berayak: 1 cawan = 125 grams
Beras : 1 cawan = 185 grams
nasi putih : 1 cawan = 175 grams
mentega : 1 cawan = 227 grams
minyak : 1 cawan = 224 grams

atau.....untuk info selanjutnya sila baca apa yang makcik ni cakap (klik sini untuk ke blog beliau) untuk dijadikan panduan.... Pelbagai bentuk bahan2 yg makcik tu telah huraikan secara detail, tepung, gula, garam dan sbgnya....mungkin boleh digunapakai.

Semoga dapat membantu puan2 semua di dalam menangani masalah ketiadaan mesin penimbang.

Aku copy cat dari website neh --> Sam 

May u guys benefited from this entry =D

Till then,
Luv and kisses :)
Afrah hana

Saturday, 8 December 2012

His last word on $, true joy, God, Ferraris and etc

MUST READ FOR ALL DOCTORS..!!!!!!!! || Medical Osces ||

I have re-read this a few times and each time, there is something different I have learned. Spend th
e next 15 mins of your time to read it. It may be one of best thing you have read about concerning your life journey.

Below is the transcript of the talk of Dr. Richard Teo, who is a 40-year-old millionaire and cosmetic surgeon with a stage-4 lung cancer but sel
flessly came to share with the D1 class his life experience on 19-Jan-2012. He has just passed away few days ago on 18 October 2012.

Hi good morning to all of you. My voice is a bit hoarse, so please bear with me. I thought I'll just introduce myself. My name is Richard, I'm a medical doctor. And I thought I'll just share some thoughts of my life. It's my pleasure to be invited by prof. Hopefully, it can get you thinking about how... as you pursue this.. embarking on your training to become dental surgeons, to think about other things as well.

Since young, I am a typical product of today's society. Relatively successful product that society requires.. From young, I came from a below average family. I was told by the media... and people around me that happiness is about success. And that success is about being wealthy. With this mind-set, I've always be extremely competitive, since I was young.

Not only do I need to go to the top school, I need to have success in all fields. Uniform groups, track, everything. I needed to get trophies, needed to be successful, I needed to have colours award, national colours award, everything. So I was highly competitive since young. I went on to medical school, graduated as a doctor. Some of you may know that within the medical faculty, ophthalmology is one of the most highly sought after specialities. So I went after that as well. I was given a traineeship in ophthalmology, I was also given a research scholarship by NUS to develop lasers to treat the eye.

So in the process, I was given 2 patents, one for the medical devices, and another for the lasers. And you know what, all this academic achievements did not bring me any wealth. So once I completed my bond with MOH, I decided that this is taking too long, the training in eye surgery is just taking too long. And there's lots of money to be made in the private sector. If you're aware, in the last few years, there is this rise in aesthetic medicine. Tons of money to be made there. So I decided, well, enough of staying in institution, it's time to leave. So I quit my training halfway and I went on to set up my aesthetic clinic... in town, together with a day surgery centre.

You know the irony is that people do not make heroes out average GP (general practitioner), family physicians. They don't. They make heroes out of people who are rich and famous. People who are not happy to pay $20 to see a GP, the same person have no qualms paying ten thousand dollars for a liposuction, 15 thousand dollars for a breast augmentation, and so on and so forth. So it's a no brainer isn't? Why do you want to be a gp? Become an aesthetic physician. So instead of healing the sick and ill, I decided that I'll become a glorified beautician. So, business was good, very good. It started off with waiting of one week, then became 3weeks, then one month, then 2 months, then 3 months. I was overwhelmed; there were just too many patients. Vanities are fantastic business. I employed one doctor, the second doctor, the 3rd doctor, the 4th doctor. And within the 1st year, we're already raking in millions. Just the 1st year. But never is enough because I was so obsessed with it. I started to expand into Indonesia to get all the rich Indonesian tai-tais who wouldn't blink an eye to have a procedure done. So life was really good.

So what do I do with the spare cash. How do I spend my weekends? Typically, I'll have car club gatherings. I take out my track car, with spare cash I got myself a track car. We have car club gatherings. We'll go up to Sepang in Malaysia. We'll go for car racing. And it was my life. With other spare cash, what do i do? I get myself a Ferrari. At that time, the 458 wasn't out, it's just a spider convertible, 430. This is a friend of mine, a schoolmate who is a forex trader, a banker. So he got a red one, he was wanting all along a red one, I was getting the silver one.

So what do I do after getting a car? It's time to buy a house, to build our own bungalows. So we go around looking for a land to build our own bungalows, we went around hunting. So how do i live my life? Well, we all think we have to mix around with the rich and famous. This is one of the Miss Universe. So we hang around with the beautiful, rich and famous. This by the way is an internet founder. So this is how we spend our lives, with dining and all the restaurants and Michelin Chefs you know.

So I reach a point in life that I got everything for my life. I was at the pinnacle of my career and all. That's me one year ago in the gym and I thought I was like, having everything under control and reaching the pinnacle.

Well, I was wrong. I didn't have everything under control. About last year March, I started to develop backache in the middle of nowhere. I thought maybe it was all the heavy squats I was doing. So I went to SGH, saw my classmate to do an MRI, to make sure it's not a slipped disc or anything. And that evening, he called me up and said that we found bone marrow replacement in your spine. I said, sorry what does that mean? I mean I know what it means, but I couldn't accept that. I was like “Are you serious?” I was still running around going to the gym you know. But we had more scans the next day, PET scans - positrons emission scans, they found that actually I have stage 4 terminal lung cancer. I was like "Whoa where did that come from?” It has already spread to the brain, the spine, the liver and the adrenals. And you know one moment I was there, totally thinking that I have everything under control, thinking that I've reached the pinnacle of my life. But the next moment, I have just lost it.

This is a CT scan of the lungs itself. If you look at it, every single dot there is a tumour. We call this miliaries tumour. And in fact, I have tens of thousands of them in the lungs. So, I was told that even with chemotherapy, that I'll have about 3-4months at most. Did my life come crushing on, of course it did, who wouldn't? I went into depression, of course, severe depression and I thought I had everything.

See the irony is that all these things that I have, the success, the trophies, my cars, my house and all. I thought that brought me happiness. But i was feeling really down, having severe depression. Having all these thoughts of my possessions, they brought me no joy. The thought of... You know, I can hug my Ferrari to sleep, no... No, it is not going to happen. It brought not a single comfort during my last ten months. And I thought they were, but they were not true happiness. But it wasn't. What really brought me joy in the last ten months was interaction with people, my loved ones, friends, people who genuinely care about me, they laugh and cry with me, and they are able to identify the pain and suffering I was going through. That brought joy to me, happiness. None of the things I have, all the possessions, and I thought those were supposed to bring me happiness. But it didn't, because if it did, I would have felt happy think about it, when I was feeling most down..

You know the classical Chinese New Year that is coming up. In the past, what do I do? Well, I will usually drive my flashy car to do my rounds, visit my relatives, to show it off to my friends. And I thought that was joy, you know. I thought that was really joy. But do you really think that my relatives and friends, whom some of them have difficulty trying to make ends meet, that will truly share the joy with me? Seeing me driving my flashy car and showing off to them? No, no way. They won’t be sharing joy with me. They were having problems trying to make ends meet, taking public transport. In fact i think, what I have done is more like you know, making them envious, jealous of all I have. In fact, sometimes even hatred.

Those are what we call objects of envy. I have them, I show them off to them and I feel it can fill my own pride and ego. That didn't bring any joy to these people, to my friends and relatives, and I thought they were real joy.

Well, let me just share another story with you. You know when I was about your age, I stayed in king Edward VII hall. I had this friend whom I thought was strange. Her name is Jennifer, we're still good friends. And as I walk along the path, she would, if she sees a snail, she would actually pick up the snail and put it along the grass patch. I was like why do you need to do that? Why dirty your hands? It’s just a snail. The truth is she could feel for the snail. The thought of being crushed to death is real to her, but to me it's just a snail. If you can't get out of the pathway of humans then you deserve to be crushed, it’s part of evolution isn't it? What an irony isn't it?

There I was being trained as a doctor, to be compassionate, to be able to empathise; but I couldn't. As a house officer, I graduated from medical school, posted to the oncology department at NUH. And, every day, every other day I witness death in the cancer department. When I see how they suffered, I see all the pain they went through. I see all the morphine they have to press every few minutes just to relieve their pain. I see them struggling with their oxygen breathing their last breath and all. But it was just a job. When I went to clinic every day, to the wards every day, take blood, give the medication but was the patient real to me? They weren't real to me. It was just a job, I do it, I get out of the ward, I can't wait to get home, I do my own stuff.

Was the pain, was the suffering the patients went through real? No. Of course I know all the medical terms to describe how they feel, all the suffering they went through. But in truth, I did not know how they feel, not until I became a patient. It is until now; I truly understand how they feel. And, if you ask me, would I have been a very different doctor if I were to re-live my life now, I can tell you yes I will. Because I truly understand how the patients feel now. And sometimes, you have to learn it the hard way.

Even as you start just your first year, and you embark this journey to become dental surgeons, let me just challenge you on two fronts.

Inevitably, all of you here will start to go into private practice. You will start to accumulate wealth. I can guarantee you. Just doing an implant can bring you thousands of dollars, it's fantastic money. And actually there is nothing wrong with being successful, with being rich or wealthy, absolutely nothing wrong. The only trouble is that a lot of us like myself couldn't handle it.

Why do I say that? Because when I start to accumulate, the more I have, the more I want. The more I wanted, the more obsessed I became. Like what I showed you earlier on, all I can was basically to get more possessions, to reach the pinnacle of what society did to us, of what society wants us to be. I became so obsessed that nothing else really mattered to me. Patients were just a source of income, and I tried to squeeze every single cent out of these patients.

A lot of times we forget, whom we are supposed to be serving. We become so lost that we serve nobody else but just ourselves. That was what happened to me. Whether it is in the medical, the dental fraternity, I can tell you, right now in the private practice, sometimes we just advise patients on treatment that is not indicated. Grey areas. And even though it is not necessary, we kind of advocate it. Even at this point, I know who are my friends and who genuinely cared for me and who are the ones who try to make money out of me by selling me "hope". We kind of lose our moral compass along the way. Because we just want to make money.

Worse, I can tell you, over the last few years, we bad mouth our fellow colleagues, our fellow competitors in the industry. We have no qualms about it. So if we can put them down to give ourselves an advantage, we do it. And that's what happening right now, medical, dental everywhere. My challenge to you is not to lose that moral compass. I learnt it the hard way, I hope you don't ever have to do it.

Secondly, a lot of us will start to get numb to our patients as we start to practise. Whether is it government hospitals, private practice, I can tell you when I was in the hospital, with stacks of patient folders, I can't wait to get rid of those folders as soon as possible; I can't wait to get patients out of my consultation room as soon as possible because there is just so many, and that's a reality. Because it becomes a job, a very routine job. And this is just part of it. Do I truly know how the patient feels back then? No, I don't. The fears and anxiety and all, do I truly understand what they are going through? I don't, not until when this happens to me and I think that is one of the biggest flaws in our system.

We’re being trained to be healthcare providers, professional, and all and yet we don't know how exactly they feel. I'm not asking you to get involved emotionally, I don't think that is professional but do we actually make a real effort to understand their pain and all? Most of us won’t, alright, I can assure you. So don't lose it, my challenge to you is to always be able to put yourself in your patient's shoes.

Because the pain, the anxiety, the fear are very real even though it's not real to you, it's real to them. So don't lose it and you know, right now I'm in the midst of my 5th cycle of my chemotherapy. I can tell you it’s a terrible feeling. Chemotherapy is one of those things that you don't wish even your enemies to go through because it's just suffering, lousy feeling, throwing out, you don't even know if you can retain your meals or not. Terrible feeling! And even with whatever little energy now I have, I try to reach out to other cancer patients because I truly understand what pain and suffering is like. But it's kind of little too late and too little.

You guys have a bright future ahead of you with all the resource and energy, so I’m going to challenge you to go beyond your immediate patients. To understand that there are people out there who are truly in pain, truly in hardship. Don’t get the idea that only poor people suffer. It is not true. A lot of these poor people do not have much in the first place, they are easily contented. for all you know they are happier than you and me but there are out there, people who are suffering mentally, physically, hardship, emotionally, financially and so on and so forth, and they are real. We choose to ignore them or we just don't want to know that they exist.

So do think about it alright, even as you go on to become professionals and dental surgeons and all. That you can reach out to these people who are in need. Whatever you do can make a large difference to them. I'm now at the receiving end so I know how it feels, someone who genuinely care for you, encourage and all. It makes a lot of difference to me. That’s what happens after treatment. I had a treatment recently, but I’ll leave this for another day. A lot of things happened along the way, that's why I am still able to talk to you today.

I'll just end of with this quote here, it's from this book called Tuesdays with Morris, and some of you may have read it. Everyone knows that they are going to die; every one of us knows that. The truth is, none of us believe it because if we did, we will do things differently. When I faced death, when I had to, I stripped myself off all stuff totally and I focused only on what is essential. The irony is that a lot of times, only when we learn how to die then we learn how to live. I know it sounds very morbid for this morning but it's the truth, this is what I’m going through.

Don’t let society tell you how to live. Don’t let the media tell you what you're supposed to do. Those things happened to me. And I led this life thinking that these are going to bring me happiness. I hope that you will think about it and decide for yourself how you want to live your own life. Not according to what other people tell you to do, and you have to decide whether you want to serve yourself, whether you are going to make a difference in somebody else's life. Because true happiness doesn't come from serving yourself. I thought it was but it didn't turn out that way.

Also most importantly, I think true joy comes from knowing God. Not knowing about God – I mean, you can read the bible and know about God – but knowing God personally; getting a relationship with God. I think that’s the most important. That’s what I’ve learnt.

So if I were to sum it up, I’d say that the earlier we sort out the priorities in our lives, the better it is. Don’t be like me – I had no other way. I had to learn it through the hard way. I had to come back to God to thank Him for this opportunity because I’ve had 3 major accidents in my past – car accidents. You know, these sports car accidents – I was always speeding , but somehow I always came out alive, even with the car almost being overturned. And I wouldn’t have had a chance. Who knows, I don’t know where else I’d be going to! Even though I was baptised it was just a show, but the fact that this has happened, it gave me a chance to come back to God.

Few things I’d learnt though:
1. Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart – this is so important.
2. Is to love and serve others, not just ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being rich or wealthy. I think it’s absolutely alright, cos God has blessed. So many people are blessed with good wealth, but the trouble is I think a lot of us can’t handle it. The more we have, the more we want. I’ve gone through it, the deeper the hole we dig, the more we get sucked into it, so much so that we worship wealth and lose focus. Instead of worshipping God, we worship wealth. It’s just a human instinct. It’s just so difficult to get out of it.

We are all professionals, and when we go into private practise, we start to build up our wealth – inevitably. So my thought are, when you start to build up wealth and when the opportunity comes, do remember that all these things don’t belong to us. We don’t really own it nor have rights to this wealth. It’s actually God’s gift to us. Remember that it’s more important to further His Kingdom rather than to further ourselves.

Anyway I think that I’ve gone through it, and I know that wealth without God is empty. It is more important that you fill up the wealth, as you build it up subsequently, as professionals and all, you need to fill it up with the wealth of God.

Yang baik kita jadikan panduan.
Taken this from facebook wall posted by one of my friend

Hanya Allah yang maha mengetahui..

Till then,Luv. xoxo :)

Night Oncall Shift again..

And i did'nt sleep yet.. >_<

Hari neh masuk pkl 11mlm!

4-7pm = Rehat jap

7-8pm = Solat, mandi, solat, tidur

9.30pm = Siap2 keluar

10.00pm = Makan alone @ kedai mamak

10.45pm = Heading to the hospital


Friday, 7 December 2012

Muhammad Al-Fateeh bin Khairul Anwar - Dedicated to one of the blogger Leen Zaha

Assalammualaikum to all,

Been reading this blog of Leen Zaha who just recently lost her baby 

Muhammad Al-Fateeh bin Khairul Anwar

Al fatihah

Takziah di ucapkan buat Leen sekeluarga...

Selepas baca blog tu, hati kecil neh rasa sedih. Baby yang dikandung ~ 9 bulan kembali ke pangkuanNya yang Maha Esa. Betapa peritnya ujian Allah.. Macammne kalau dugaan sebesar tu berlaku kepada diri yang kerdil ini. Mampukah aku? Diharap Leen dan suami tabah menghadapi ujian, qada' dan qadar dari Allah. InsyaAllah 

Been searching and found this article ----

Hikmah: Kematian Anak Ketika Masih Kecil

Smuge menjadi penyuntik semangat Leen, Suami dan ahli keluarga. Banyakkan bersabar.. Sentiasa yakin setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Ujian menjadikan kita makin kuat.. InsyaAllah..



Saudara, ada dikalangan kita yg Islam mengalami pahit getir serta kesedihan dan kepiluan kerana kematian anak ketika dilahirkan atau ketika masih kecil dan belum baligh. Ia merupakan suatu troma bagi kedua ibu dan bapa, terutama, bagi mereka yg begitu mengharapkan mendapat zuriat terutama jika sukar bagi mereka mendapatnya. Di dalam Islam, segala sesuatu malapetaka itu ada hikmah dan kebaikan asalkan mereka yg menghadapinya tetap bersabar. Ini disebutkan dalam hadith berikut:

Diriwayatkan hadith dari 'Imran b Nafi' hadith dari Hafas b 'Ubaidillah hadith dari Anas bahawasanya Rasulallah (s.a.w) bersabda: 'Barangsiapa yg hendak mencari pahala dari tiga dari tulang rusuknya (yakni, anak zuriatnya) masuk dia ke dalam syurga.' Maka berdiri seorang prempuan, maka berkata dia: 'Atau, adakah dua?' Bersabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): 'Atau dua!'. Berkata seorang perempuan: 'Semoga mengharap aku, maka berkata aku: 'Atau satu (yakni, seorang)!' [Hadith an-Nasa'i, Kitab Jenazah]

Saudara, dalam hadith ini kita diberitahu oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w) bahawa sesiapa yg kehilangan tiga orang anak kandungnya kerana meningal ketika kecil, maka, jika rida dia dan tidak meratus dia dalam kesedihaan atau kepiluan yg melampau, maka dia (kedua ibu bapa anak-anak tersebut) diberi ganjaran syurga. Begitu juga kalau meninggal dua orang anaknya. Dalam kes seorang ibu bapa yg meninggal seorang anaknya tidak disebutkan dalam hadith di atas itu, tetapi dalam hadith lain disebutkan kalau meninggal seorangpun dapat syurga.

Diriwayatkan hadith dari al-'Awam b Hausabin hadith dari Abi Muhammad, iaitu hamba merdeka kpd Omar b Khattab (r.a) hadith dari Abi 'Ubadah hadith dari Abdullah yg berkata: 'Telah bersabda Rasulallah (s.a.w):' Barangsiapa yg didahului oleh tiga orang dari anak-anaknya (yakni, meninggal lebih dahulu dari ibubapanya) belum sampai baligh (umur anak-anak tersebut), ada bagi mereka (kedua ibubapanya) menjadi pendinding yg mendindingi (kedua-dua ibubapanya) dari neraka.' Maka berkata Abu Zarr: 'Telah mendahului akandaku dua (orang anakku)!' Maka bersabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): 'Kalaupun dua.' Maka berkata Ubai b Kaab, seorang ahli (pembaca) al-Quran: 'Telah mendahului akandaku seorang (anakku).' Bersabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): 'Kalaupun satu.' [Hadith Ibnu Majah, Kitab Jenazah]

Saudara, hadith yg kedua ini lebih jelas dari hadith yg pertama itu, Namun mesej yg disampaikan oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w) adalah tetap sama, iaitu, sepasangan ibubapa yg seorang atau dua orang atau tiga orang anak mereka meninggal ketika belum sampai umur baligh, mereka (yakni, anak-anak itu) jadi pendinding dari kedua ibubapanya dari api neraka di akhirat kelak. Maksudnya, kedua ibubapanya yg rida dgn kematian anak-anaknya akan mendapat balasan syurga. Diperjelaskan dalam hadith-hadith lain bahawa kanak-kanak yg belum baligh itu suci dari dosa, maka mereka secara otomatis masuk syurga. Jikapun kedua ibubapanya tak berjaya mendapat syurga, namun ketika diperintah oleh Allah (a.w) supaya mereka masuk syurga, mereka enggan selagi Allah (a.w) tidak perkenankan kedua ibubapanya dimasukkan ke dalam syurga bersama-sama mereka.

Menceritakan hadith oleh Muhammad b Ismail b Ibrahim b 'Ulaiyah dan Abdul Rahman b Muhammad, berkata kedua-duanya: 'Menceritakan hadith oleh Ishaq, dia itu adalah Arzaq, hadith dari 'Auf hadith dari Muhammad hadith dari Abi Hurairah (r.a) hadith dari Nabi (s.a.w) yg bersabda: 'Tidak ada dari dua orang Islam (maksudnya, dua ibubapa) mati diantara kedua-duanya (yakni, mati sebelum mereka) tiga orang beberapa anak mereka (yg) belum sampai baligh kecuali memasukkan kedua-duanya oleh Allah (a.w) ke dalam syurga dgn kelebihan kerahmatan Allah (a.w) pada mereka (tiga anak mereka itu) ke dalam syurga.' Bersabda Nabi (s.a.w): 'Dikatakan kpd mereka masuklah kamu ke syurga.' Maka berkata mereka (i.e. anak): 'Tidak (masuk kami) sehingga masuk kedua-dua ibubapa kami (bersama-sama kami).' Maka berfirman Allah (a.w): 'masuklah kamu dan kedua ibubapa kamu.' [Hadith an-Nasa'i, Kitab Jenazah]

Saudara, hadith ini lebih jelas lagi menyebutkan bahawa anak-anak kedua-dua ibubapa itu 'protes' tak mau masuk syurga sehingga kedua ibubapa mereka bersama-sama mereka masuk syurga. Atas kerahmatan Allah (a.w), maka Allah (a.w) perkenankan permintaan anak-anak tersebut. Jelaslah, betapa untungnya ibubapa yg mengalami kematian anak-anak mereka ketika masih kecil itu.

Jazakallahu khairah

Taken from:

Yayasan Ilmu at 5:25 PM

Wallahu A'lam

Till then,
Luv from, Afrah hana..

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Makan and shopping session


Abg bought me new emporio armani spectacles today! ;) at focus point aen rawang. Ktorang bli (frame je) lenses x, sbb lenses mahal kat ctu.

Frame sje was abt 650. Luckily ada discount 50%. Jadi kne bayar rm 320 shj ;))


Sesi berpura2 comel dgn spek mata baru (padahal tak letak lenses ape pn lagi kat situ) >_<

Alang2 g aeon rawang td, ktorang g amek skali cincin tunang aku. Cincin tu aku antar ke poh kong sbb besaw. Mase tunang aitu abg blikan saiz 12. Mmg tak muat. Pastu bila letak penyendal tak selesa bila pakai. Aku plak pakai saiz 8 1/2 je :O mesti korang pelik kan? Knpe besaw benaw.. Huhu. T ade mase akan aku cte kan ;)

Berbalik ke cte asal..

Poh kong layanannya mmg ok. Even diamond cincin aku tu jenis tertanam. Biasenya diamond tanam neh cm leceh sket kalau nak tuka2 size. Tapi poh kong kat aeon rawang neh willingly nak try antar cincin aku tu g kilang diorang nk tgk cne. Ley buat ke, tak ke.. Tempat lain mmg tamo terima la cincin aku tu. Dorang takot diamond terjatuh.. Huu~ alhamdulillah. Lepas anta kilang cincin aku npk baru. Mmg puas hati! Yeeza..

Upah repair rm90



Alhamdulillah ;))

Till then,
Luv, xoxo ;)

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40 mins cooking session!


Haa, sape malas? Hehe

Resepi hari neh take abt 40mins je utk siap~ ;)

Hoho. Ok aku malas >_<

Sharing is caring ;) Tuk sspe y malas leyla masak neh d ptg hari bkerja. Oho. Tatau la kalau 40min tu lme jgk. Tp aku neh kdg2 masak cm lme je~ 40min kira ok la. Tak la ltey sgt ko kt dapur tu. Kalau nak masak xtra bagan tu mmg tgu weekend je lor. Xlarat eh.. >_<

Sape nk resepi! Angkat tgn! ;)

Well for the tomyam, resepi nye adalah ;)

1 serai
1 ulas bawang
2 ulas bawang putih
Bberapa ketul ayam (kalau berdua cm aku neh mmg xperlu byk sgt, xbaik membazir.. ^_^)

Sayuran2 y dperlukan just siat2 je (aku gne tomato, kubis ngn carrot)

Hoo. Ni mcm tjpe bahan alami mskn plg berharga! Bagi aku la. Haha. Aku jpe cili kering pedas paling bergne, ko mcm tak payah da bli cili padi pastu rosak dlm peti sejuk sbb lame dok berhibernate dlm tu sbb.. Ko malas nak masak.. Hehe. Mmg rasa sebijik cm cili api. Ha, tuk tomyam neh ley letak 3biji.. Gunting gunting gunting, campak je sme dlm tomyam tu

Air secukup rasa tuk 2 org mkn. Bajet2 je. Jgn la plak dok letak air bebanyak. Baziaq! Pastu jd cair tomyam tu..

Ingredient paling penting! Neh perencah plg sedap penah aku try setakat neh. Mmg sebijik tomyam akan rasa macam ko bli kat restoren gitu. Tuk 2 org mkn ley letak dlm 1 setengah sudu besar pn da ckp..

Then ko campur sme bahan sekaligus tayah tumis2 ape.. Letak gula dan garam secukup rasa. Siap. Konfem sedap.. Limau kasturi ape. Tayah letak. Masam paste ngn tomato da ckp da aku ase.. Huhuhu~

In d making ;)


Then, next.. Sambil2 masak tomyam tu ley la ko kemas dapur.. Masak nasi. Siapkan telur dadar sme~

Haha. Sket gle kan nasi aku masak. Abg ngn aku mkn ala kadar je.. Heh

Cooking! Jgn lpe tekan. Kang tak masak plak nasi tu..

Kemaskan dapur 1. Beres

Kemas kan dapur 2. Beres

Kemaskan dapur 3. Beres

Kemaskan dapur 4. Beres

Then next.. Telur dadar in d making..

2 biji ckp

Letak garam, bawang merah sket (bawang merah gne bawang y ko akan gne tuk letak tomyam tu.. Simpan sket sblm ko tuang sme bawang tu tuk buat tomyam)


Mmg tepat 40minit! Beres. Nasi pn siap masak tyme tu jgk.. Cm tau2 je. Hehe

Selingan.. Supplemen aku y tak terusik! Tak tmasuk y dlm fridge lgi.. Huu, sbb cyst tu. Aku cm takot la plak nak mkn sebarangan.. Huhu, sila jgn jd cm aku! Baziaq btol :(

Till then, sye makan dlu! ^_^
Luv, xoxo ;)

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

My endo and cyst part 4

Hi bloggers,
Just want to update on my current health status..

Cyst and endo part 4..

Huhu, now that its already december, rasa da tak lama da lagi operation membuangkan segala y tak patut. And yes, the doc already decided to remove my endo cyst on the 20th dec nanti.. :'(

Happy atau sedih?

Im not so sure..



The diagnosis was like:

And the lab result was like:

Ok. As being a pharmacist i ada advantage untuk buka charting doc2 tsebut.. >_<

Berbalik ngn cte asal..

Cyst tu berukuran 3x4 bila kami mle2 berkenalan. Masa neh i cek kat hosp bersalin rawang dan double konfem kat kpj ampang puteri. That was a week bfore raya tahun ni. Then pegi cek balik kat hosp tempat i bekerja. Alang2.. sng nak f/up dan ada xtra advantage sbb staff. Mse cek balik (kat o&g) tempat i bkerja, cyst da menggemuk to 6cm.

Just for information endo cyst (cyst y menumpang kat ovari kanan i neh) nama lainnye adalah blood cyst. So kate doc mmg kne buang..

Tapi bout a week ago (sndri2 cek kat private clinic) ada buat ultra sound balik, cyst da 4cm! I ade tanye kat anaes doctor td. Since ada anaes appointment hari ni. Die kate that one thing need to be discuss with the o&g team drs. Maksudnye bila aku admit 19 dec nti.. Lpe nk infom during laporascopy, next after buang2 sme y patut (cyst dan endo) die akan cek tube aku skali.

Lepas rehat2 around january, hubby akan buat semen test. Then proceed ngn test2 kesuburan lain.. (ape tu?) oho aku pn tatau >_<

What im feeling rite now? Again the same question.. Just hoping for the best. Some miracle from Allah.. In sha Allah~ :')

Now at the anaes clinic.. Waiting for my turn~

Hari ni birthday my hubby aka bos aka kumbang.. ^_^

Happy birthday abg! Love u lots~ smge panjang umur. Murah rezki..

"Ya Allah, sekiranya Engkau merasakan aku dan suami ku telah bersedia menjadi seorg ibu dan ayah, Engkau kurniakanlah kami zuriat"

"Robbihabli milladun ka zurriatan toyyiban innaka antassamiul 'alim"

Smge kami dikurniakan zuriat y soleh dan solehah insyaAllah~

Till then,
#Lots of luv
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Random things!


Bet it. Kali ni btol2 random. N im not going to xplain much on the events. Let the piXca do the talking ;)

Bby naufal ngn abg.. Pic taken on 11/11/12. Us @ semenyih. Kenduri aqiqah dak keciq tu aka bby naufal aka ank sedara ktorang :)

Lagi2 gambar dorang! Aih ^_^

Ok neh je pic y ada.. 13/11/12. Sesi jalan2 cari makan @ aroma ikan bakar, jeram. Adeq aku dtg umah ngn si bby skali. Then ktorang sme decide tuk makan kat jeram. Food was good. Aym kuning kat atas tu aku jpe kat situ gak. Grr scary. Tekan perot klua bunyi cm ayam kne smelih.. Heh

18/11/12 @ home sweet home. Aku masak lamb chop. Very the easy one. Lamb sedia ada perap bli kat jusco then tambah sndri (sos tiram, sos lada hitam, madu, garam, gula) kasi perisa lebih umph. Kentang lenyek (kentang rebus dibuang kulit, kmdn lenyek, tambah susu, cream cheese, butter dan garam), marsmallow (mayonis, susu tepung, cuka, garam dan gula). Yummy-ah! Hehe

Semut gatal.. Tinggalkan sos skejap je die da buat luv kat situ..

26/11/12 Enspired boutique kat e@curve. Habis sesi breaking dawn2, kami ke sini. (abg mc, aku cuti. both of us end up merayau-rayau kat cni ^_^) Breaking dawn 2?? Overall, let it be how other ppl want to rank the movie. To me? Well said, Love it!

Tampalan gigi ttbe tcabut! Wtheck. Aku ke cni jap 27/11/12. Off 1 jam. Dan kembali ke tempat kje. Mmg effisien la kk rawang. Skejap je~ this is my 2nd visit!

29/11/12.. Abg pose. Die nk makan sedap. Makanye kami ke aeon rawang.. Aku sempat tangkap 2 pic ni je. Jalan2 session hari tu berkesudahan dgn kejayaan (ok sori, ayat agk aneh kat ctu) food was good. Movie was not bad. Ok, kantoi. Da tgk da Life of pi ;)

Yesterday session. Attending my bestest friend solemnization day ;))) congrats dearie..

Bayam xcited (bff lagi)

Puri nye cincin nikah ;)

Yaww >_<

Then we went to ikea. Bos nak cari meja study beliau.. Ok tak bli kat cni. Tempat lain. Tapi alhamdulillah jpe. Da bli dan da smpai pn tadi ;)

Ok tamat. Pening nak tdo. Lepas klas bos ada wedding kne attend. Now aku dekat.. Jeng jeng jeng surau UM berbaring smbil menunggu suami terchenta.. >_<

Till then,
Luv, xoxo ;)

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