Thursday, 19 April 2012

Introducing myself

Well, honestly i took this entry from someone blog. I like the post cause it got many points on how i really want to express on why in first place that i start blogging.. I do add some of my point of views too and deleted what not..

Well, I’m blogging anonymously to give me the freedom to express some personal thoughts on living, loving, writing, singing and other things that are important to me.

By hiding my name and identifying information, I find I can be much more honest and direct, and use this as a space where I can say those things that I might not say if any random acquaintance or colleague could immediately associate it with me. But while I want to stay free and anonymous, it seems fair to give you a bit more background on who I am!

The so called my life? Is it just an egotistical claim that this is how my life as it is? Actually I chose the name becausei just love how the blog telling the story itself on how my life is going at the moment im writing right now.

And why Afrah Hana? It’s a name that i meant to give to my future daughter soon. InsyaAllah if im conceiving sooner..  When I chose it, it was more an aspiration as I was feeling miserable for this past few months trying to conceive. It just so tiring. But its ok! God has all his plan written for me. I just need to wait. Trying. Praying. And Tawakal. Rezeki tu kan sentiase ade. Allah maha mengetahui. Kan?

Why am I blogging? I started because i just want a real space for me to be able to express things that I needed to express, to heal wounds. And also, I hope, being a place where others can find encouragement and strength in their difficult times. I try to keep the site a peaceful and optimistic place to visit, one where people visit and leave refreshed and renewed. Maybe? ^_^
Writing with an audience, and with the opportunity to share with a gifted community of writers, has been both instructive and inspiring. Receiving thoughtful feedback makes all the problems flow more easily.

On a practical level, I’m female, in my late 20s, currently living with my beloved husband, working in hospital setting. Im trying To Conceive. A muslimah that is trying to be a better muslimah than yesterday and insyaAllah a true mukminah and hopefully sooner insyaAllah if Allah granted a future mummy to be..

Please enjoy this blog, comment and come back soon!

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