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2007 OCTOBER 26

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by Erin

For those of you who visit my blog and aren’t familiar with the world of infertility, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of new terms and bizarre acronyms. You may see the abbreviation DH (Dear Husband) aka DP (Dancing Partner). Dancing you may ask? Well, this dance is called the BD – or “Baby Dance”…. just for you folks, I’m leaving this little cheat sheet:

2ww | Two Week Wait or the Luteal Phase – 14 DPO on average.
AF | Aunt Flo, menstruation, period
BBT | Basal Body Temperature
BD | Baby Dance, Sex
BFN | Big Fat Negative (Result on a HPT)
BFP | Big Fat Positive (Result on a HPT)
CB | Cycle Buddy
CBEFM | Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor
CD | Cycle Day
CL | Corpus Luteum
CM | Cervical Mucus
CP | Cervical Position
DH | Dear Husband
DP | Dancing Partner; spouse, or significant other
DPO | Days Past Ovulation
EC | Embryo Cyro/Freezing
EDD | Estimated Due Date
EWCM | Egg-White Cervical Mucus
hCG | Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – detected by HPTs
HPT | Home Pregnancy Test
HSG | Hysterosalpingogram – x-ray
ICSI | Microfertilization
IUI | Intrauterine Insemination
IVF | In Vitro Fertilization
LH | Luteinizing Hormone – detected in OPKs
LP | Luteal Phase, days between O & AF
O | Ovulation
OB or OBGYN | Obstetrician/Gynecologist
OPK | Ovulation Predictor Kit
PG | Pregnancy, pregnant
POAS | Pee On A Stick (such as OPK and HPT)
PNV | Prenatal Vitamin
RE | Reproductive Endocrinologist – doctor who specializes in fertility problems
SA | Semen Analysis
TTC | Trying To Conceive

Source: evilclomid . Com


Teena Tna said...

I use this abbreviation in my studies. Pharmacy courses. Are u in medical field?

afrah hana said...

yes indeed. Im a pharmacist ;) But then these abbreviation i took it from this website: evilclomid . Com

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