Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The so called lil confession

Stressing out myself!! Oh oh oh. I need to have a vacation. Need to get out from this stupid methadone clinic~ cant wait for next week to come. Dont have to be the in charge of the clinic anymore. To be more specific, can goyang kaki more!! Yeahh!! Yeah!! Yeah!!

Like how goyang kaki i want to be? Yeah like this. Glad post night shift today!

Ok like tht! On my socks and comfy sleeping pants. Bayang kan kaki tu bgoyang2 gitu.. >_<

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1 comment:

afrah.hana said...

Waktu rehat macam ni pn kne pikir pasal kje. Org call pasal kje. Hv to follow up pasal kje~ sigh***

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