Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub

Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub

source : cosway

Scrub, Cleanse and Moisturise for Silky Smooth, Baby-Soft Skin

Bought this product, Bioglo Red Ginseng body scrub. I'm a big fan of body scrub. Everytime after body scrub session from the shower, first thing that I'll do is to feel and touch my skin all over. Haha

Akan try and inform to u guys the result. Price 30+, 39?? Didnt remember. Got less @ cosway. Only pay @ rm19~ hehe

Do you suffer from dry, rough elbow skin?
Dark, rough knees?

How this product works?
Creamy foaming scrub loaded with exfoliating walnut shells removes layers of dead skin cells to reveal softer, smoother brighter skin instantly. Enriched with premium Korean Red Ginseng and 12 nourishing plant extracts to renew and rejuvenate your skin for a supple, flawless finish.

Why removes dead skin cells?
Elbow skin is thicker in texture to protect the underlying elbow bone from harm. The thicker skin is more susceptible to dryness and moisture loss. To treat the thickness skin found in the area, first step is to exfoliate the area to remove dead skin cells. So that, moisturizer can better hydrate and soften the area.

After exfoliating, the next step is to moisturize and rehydrate the skin in the area. Try it. There will be a significant difference between applying moisturizer alone on the targeted area and exfoliating plus applying moisturizer.

Hope this info helps... ;)


Afrah hana ;)

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